Cabinet Creative is an independent design and marketing company based in Oshawa, Ontario.

We make bold, quality, and affordable communication tools for small businesses and non-profit organizations. Whether you’re selling a product, promoting a service, hosting an event, or fundraising for your favourite cause, we can help you achieve your goals. 

Much like political cabinets who serve and surround prime ministers and presidents, we surround our customers to serve them with our creativity, strategic skills, insight, and innovation. Our mission is to create creative and effective marketing tools so that our clients can communicate well with their target audiences.

*15* Goals We Can Help You Accomplish (Because We’ve Helped Other People Accomplish Similar Things):


Creating visual identities that resonate with customers


Developing websites that actually sell products, services, and hit fundraising goals.


Selling tickets to events


Turning vague business ideas into tangible plans that work


Transforming old websites into ones that work on mobile devices, load fast, and look good


Helping small business owners to quit their day jobs so they can pursue their dreams


Helping traditional business owners to thrive in 2020 by updating their tools


Helping non-profits reach millennial and gen-z audiences


Helping small business owners to look more professional


Implementing technology to simplify marketing processes


Offering insight into how technology works in 2020


Turning around effective marketing tools with short deadlines


Rewriting marketing copy that coverts into text


Redesigning tradeshow materials and tools to be effective in a new time


Develping effective social media campaigns to further engage customers and donors

That Being Said, Here are the Actual Services We Offer:

Web Design

They not only look good, but actually work as well. Learn more.

Graphic Design

Bold and youthful design for your organization or business. Learn more.


We create simple and bold brands. Includes logos, colour palettes, name choices, statement creation, brand guides, and more. Learn more.


We design and fulfill print tools ideal for having a physical presence in the community. We make handheld marketing tools, large signage, and everything in between. Learn more.


We marry creativity and strategy to help guide your organization in the right direction. 

Jermaine Wall proprietor

In 2011, Jermaine co-launched Cabinet Creative with his friend Aaron Arellano as a small design company dedicated to making clean designs for companies and organizations we love. As time went on, the demand for our work increased.

Today, Cabinet Creative is one of the leading creative shops servicing small businesses and non-profit organizations in Canada. 

Jermaine is passionate about the intersection of creativity, business, and faith. Jermaine resides with his beautiful wife and kids in Oshawa, ON.