Branding / Web Design / Print / Video

The Client

LSTNFND Music (“Lost and Found”) is a Toronto-based urban music record label. Their name refers to the fact that they were once lost, and now found. LSTNFND consists of Orijin (MC, Poet), Jeremy Rodney-Hall (Producer, Singer) and Jermaine Wall (manager).

The Project

As a startup, without an established brand, our goal was to create a sturdy brand upon which they could build. In total, we put together a successful crowdfunding campaign which surpassed its target within 13 days, a brand, three versions (and counting) of a website, and various ongoing print/social/video projects that continue to this day.


Our team was responsible for putting together the name selection, key-colour, statement developments and logo design. The goal of this part of the project was to develop a brand that could be recognizable, self-explanatory, yet hold intrigue and open dialogue.

The colour selection came from a desire to avoid “typical” urban colours (ie. red / blue / black), and communicate depth, substance and openness. Teal was selected because it took the middle ground between typical blue, and intelligent green. Teal was matched with charcoal and white. Together, the LSTNFND colours communicate substance and openness, founded on seriousness and cleanliness. These colours point to the music — honest, deep and serious, yet clean and simple.

The Logo : Finally, we developed  a logo that communicated boldness, while pointing people to the idea of a lost and found box. In order to think outside the box and promote intrigue, we developed a wire frame “box” turned onto it’s side at 45 degrees — easy to recognize, yet promote discussion and probe inquiry.

Web Design

The WordPress based LSTNFND¬†website features a front page slider and quick entry into Twitter updates, blog entries, and prompts for email subscription and new music. In other words, the basic elements of a great musician website. Other features include tour dates, and built-in e-commerce for selling and shipping CD’s (Woocommerce).


To generate capital to start the record label, we put together an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign with a target of raising $2,000 within 30 days. Our main strategy was to appeal to those closest to us to help reach at least 40% of our goal within the first five days. This was wildly successfully. At the end of the entire campaign, we raised 110% of the goal within 30 days.

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