Sam & Lydia Yeung

Local Missionaries

I had the fun opportunity to help build a website for Sam & Lydia Yeung, a husband-and-wife student ministry team with Power to Change at Ryerson University. This website houses their updates, as well as strong call to actions designed to garner support in their work. This website, like my others, are photographic, bold, and force users to engage with their content. 

We had asked Jermaine to simply help us design a website to help us fundraise and share stories with those who support us. Jermaine went beyond the scope of what we had expected – he helped us think about our audience, purpose and even strategy in communicating in an effective way. There is much more than simply design and Jermaine is great at asking good questions and looking at the bigger picture. This was an invaluable help to us. This, coupled with Jermaine’s wide range of expertise and network, makes Cabinet Creative a great partner to work with.”